We are New Growth Associates


    New Growth Associates is a dynamic, energized, and inspired team with complementary skill sets and interests, doing custom work for organizations building thriving and robust food systems. Our mission is to help grow our clients’ best ideas and initiatives for a better world. Simply, effectively, and efficiently.


    Our primary business is helping you see, clearly and easily, the information you need in order advance the work you care about. Whatever your specific project, our work starts with listening. We ask questions to determine the most strategic path forward. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research. We analyze what we find. Then we work with you to develop a strategic set of recommendations while also equipping you with the understanding you need to succeed.


    With over 100 years of collective experience, we've worked across the country with clients of every size, tackling projects ranging from enterprise analysis at the farm level to strategic policy planning and investment development at the state level. Bringing together our varied backgrounds as farmers and agricultural economists and food systems experts and food safety auditors and community health professionals and community organizers and communications gurus and website developers and project managers, we have the capacity and passion to create solutions to your most pressing needs.



  • Principal at New Growth Associates, brings seasoned experience producing feasibility studies, economic analysis, and policy recommendation.

    Megan Phillips Goldenberg
    Principal Partner
  • Ken Meter is one of the most experienced food system analysts in the U.S., integrating market analysis, business development, systems thinking, and social concerns.

    Ken Meter
    Project Partner
  • With an interdisciplinary academic background, farming experience, and work as a grant fund manager, Austin combines thoughtful intelligence with a passion for localized food systems.

    Austin Wertheimer
    Project Associate
  • A retired pediatric nurse practioner, diversified vegetable farmer, and USDA trained, food safety auditor she lends research support to New Growth Associates.

    Vicki Zilke
    Research Associate
  • A communication specialist, Jesse has an almost unnatural ability to define the problem and provide clear recommendations to communicate the solution

    Jesse Wilson
    Director of Communication
  • As a designer / developer, Dave brings over 15 years of technical knowledge to the team. His focus on the impact of design ensures the project will be understood and well received.

    Dave Baldwin
    Director of Design


Our best work is performed in partnership with you and honors and maintains a deep sense of place through systems thinking and informed decision making. Let us help you build a robust and thriving food system in the place you call home.



Founded in 2010, New Growth Associates is a woman-owned company that brings together a small group of professionals in order to support evidence-based decision making for community and economic development projects, as well as to provide professional project management expertise and business consulting services. With particular interests in creating and supporting economic development opportunities for family farmers and increasing equitable healthy food access across communities, New Growth Associates is dedicated to providing sound analysis and professional project management to support informed decision making at all tiers of the food system in order to ensure long-term success. From enterprise analysis at the farm level to strategic policy planning and investment development at the state level, we leverage the expertise needed to grow your initiatives. Whether you have a new business idea and you need extra hands and brains to get it off the ground, or you work with a coalition determined to advance sustainable systems changes for generations to come, New Growth Associates provides partners in growing your ideas.




  • "I have had the fortune to work with Megan and New Growth Associates in collaborative ventures related to grains in local food supply chains. She is an extremely knowledgeable professional who has a good understanding of both the agricultural and industrial sides of food systems. Megan’s perspective and assets she brings to a team environment are refreshing!“

    Ashley McFarland Michigan State University Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center
  • "Megan's support of early food systems work in Colorado, and CSU's ability to continue to call on her for on-the-ground support for USDA trainings in Michigan is a testament to our respect for her expertise and locally-oriented perspective. If you want capable project management, together with thoughtful insights on your food systems ideas and project, you should consider New Growth Associates as a partner“

    Dr. Dawn Thilmany Professor with the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University
  • "New Growth Associates is a true food system partner. They offer expert insight, identify valuable strategic alliances, and apply valid evaluation metrics. The Food Corridor appreciates NGA's contribution to our business and the community as a whole“

    Ashley Colpaart Founder/CEO The Food Corridor
  • "Megan's ability to work at, and analyze, multiple levels of the food system have made her an amazing supporter of our community. She has leveraged previously unavailable resources, been a passionate leader, always paying great attention to detail.“

    Jason Frenzel Stewardship Coordinator at the Huron Watershed Council